Quality • Cost • Value

When it comes to quality, cost, and value, many companies act as if one out of three isn't bad. At MK, we understand their close and complex inter-relationships and apply an integrated approach to simultaneously manage all three.

Quality: Our approach to quality begins with gaining a thorough understanding of our clients' needs and desires ensuring that their expectations are realized throughout the life of the project.

Cost: From initial estimates to completion of construction, we carefully track and monitor costs to make sure your project stays on budget. By focusing on the details, we can help avoid or minimize unforeseen issues.

Value: Our integrated project team conducts value engineering reviews to seek solutions that will return maximum value to our clients and minimize or eliminate change-driven cost growth. We identify features and systems that do not contribute to the clients' overall goals and objectives while maintaining quality, functionality, aesthetics and durability. In addition, the team identifies materials and alternate methods which can provide an equal or superior product at a lower cost.

Vendors & Partners

MK relies on a select network of local subcontractors, suppliers, and expert tradesmen. By constantly developing and maintaining good relationships with subcontractors and vendors, we ensure our work is of high quality while minimizing costs for our customers. To ensure that only the best subcontractors bid on our projects, we employ rigorous pre-qualification standards, work closely with them during the bid stage, and closely monitor their work throughout construction to ensure a successful project.

Building Science & Sustainability

We implement the latest developments in building science, sustainability, green building, energy efficiency and material selection. Some of the practices we incorporate into projects include:

  • High efficiency HVAC and geothermal systems
  • Use of thermal efficient walls, roof, and insulation
  • Energy modeling
  • Water efficiency
  • Rain water gardening
  • Sustainable storm water management
  • Protect existing green space
  • Sediment and erosion control to reduce pollution
  • Permeable driveways and other low impact design elements
  • Use of native plants and species in landscaping
  • Locally harvested stone and aggregate material
  • Construction and demolition material recycling

Technology & Innovation

Development makes expert use of technology to enhance team communication and collaboration, expedite workflow, and capture and control all relevant project information. Our technology tool kit includes:

  • Project collaboration systems for scheduling, budget/financial management, workflow management, issue resolution tracking, centralized document access and control, and change management
  • Automated cost estimating systems for current and accurate prediction of costs based on locality-adjusted market information
  • Earned Value Management systems to keep projects on schedule and within budget by tracking construction progress in relation to expenditures
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD), multi-dimensional virtual Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to provide precision guidance and coordination of design and construction, including accurate "as-built" records
Our proficiency with targeted technology solutions affords our clients a level of service unmatched by our competitors.